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Can I Give My American Airlines Ticket to Someone Else?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Can I Give My American Airlines Ticket to Someone Else?

If I call you, then you cannot transfer your ticket to someone else because the real owner of the ticket will have a different name. American airlines provides valuable and different ways to book flight tickets online at rates but when you have to give your flight ticket to someone else it cannot be transferred from your name to any other name You can cancel your flight by paying some charges on the basis of the fare booked initially and you will get a credit for the booking and you will have to cancel your ticket and pay for someone else. Instructions will be given to book a new ticket.

Ways to transfer your American Airlines ticket to another person:

  1. First, Visit the American Airlines booking website and click on the log-in button to access your booking account.

  2. Look for the reservation on the booking page and select the ticket section to find the flight cancellation and transfer policy information.

  3. Select the individual airline, check the booking availability for someone else, and inquire about transferring your flight ticket.

  4. American Airlines allows you to change the information on your flight ticket and select the transfer ticket section shown on the booking page.

  5. Go to the manage booking to enter the reservation number and last name of the passenger and check the details for the flight cancellation.

  6. Pay the cancellation charges and reschedule your flight ticket that you can transfer to someone else by selecting the date and time of available flight booking.

  7. Enter the passenger’s information and contact number and submit the documents as proof like Aadhaar or Voter’s-ID card.

  8. Click on the apply tab for a ticket you want to transfer to someone else and get the message of transferring your flight ticket on your phone eventually.

Buy a flight ticket for someone else on American Airlines:

Yes you can book airline tickets for others but while booking remember that you have to enter the details for which you want to book and those details should be correct according to the document and by booking you can make direct payment And as soon as the payment is confirmed, after that your ticket will be confirmed, as soon as it is confirmed, you will get confirmation through SMS email, if you still want better help and want to book tickets online, then you can also contact customer care can book tickets.

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